Monday, September 2, 2013

King of my Collection

For my initial post, I will do a little bragging.  My biggest card from my personal baseball card collection.  I bought the 2000 Topps Traded set on Ebay years ago, around 2006-07.  I wanted to get a Miguel Cabrera rookie card along with Michael Young and others. Hoping to get the autograph insert of a big leaguer and not some career minor leaguer.
Low and Behold, I got lucky. Real lucky:

Needless to say, It is my best pull ever.  I got it before his trade to Detroit and no idea he will become a Triple Crown winner. I always thought he could win a MVP in Detroit. Now is he considered one of the best hitters ever and a joy to watch on a daily basis.
So, what is your biggest pull?


  1. My biggest pulls are nowhere near as awesome. As a kid, it was Fred McGriff's 1993 Topps "Black Gold" card. He was my favorite player and those cards were hard for 9 year olds to find. As an adult, it is a Mike Trout ASG jersey relic from 2012 Topps Update. Neither card is expensive, but the McGriff was awesome since he was my favorite player, and the Trout is a card that I wouldn't have sought out otherwise, though I think he's super fun to watch.

    All of my "really good" cards have come through trades or eBay, not really many big pulls coming from the guy card shopping at Walmart.

    1. McGriff was a heckuva player. I always marveled how far in the batters box he stood and still get good plate coverage.
      Since I buy most of my packs from retail, my luck has diminished. I keep trying though. Funny thing about Cabrera is that ever since was traded to Tigers I haven't been able to pull a Tigers card of him until last yr. I did manage to pull his 2014 Topps card from only 4 packs. Maybe my luck is changing