Wednesday, April 23, 2014

3 More Dime box pick ups.

Just a minor update today.  Along with a nice stack of cards I added to MSU collection, I picked up these three cards from the dime boxes from the LCS:
Curt Schilling's final year card from 2008 Upper Deck:
Wade Boggs New York Yankees card from the 1993 Select Rookie/Traded set. Singles in the set seem a bit harder to find than other sets of the early 90s.
and my Roberto Alomar Cleveland Indian card. 2000 Fleer Showcase:

Thursday, April 10, 2014

More LCS buys

Here is a few recent purchases from my local card shop.  Found them in either the dime and quarter boxes or Tiger binders.
Rookie cards of a current Tiger:
1994 Pinnacle
I have always liked this Torii Hunter rookie because he is fielding and looks like is about to rob a home run or an extra base hit from the batter, which is famously known for.
A rookie card of a recently departed Tiger:
2013 Bowman
Safe to say, Avisail Garcia is my favorite current White Sox player. Likely, the only one I am a fan of.
And another rookie card of a former Tiger:
2008 Bowman

Armando Galarraga was the author of the "imperfect" perfect game or the 28 out "perfect" game. Which ever way you want to call it.  Galarraga showed great sportsmanship after being robbed of an actual perfect game.
Plus I got a couple Hall of Famers.  I now have 132 Hall of Fame players in my collection.
2006 Topps Allen & Ginter
Napolean Lajoie of the Cleveland Naps(now Indians) was Ty Cobb's biggest rival in the batting title race every year.  And yes, the Cleveland team named after Lajoie before choosing the Indians.
1985 Woolworth's
Ed Walsh of the Chicago White Sox is the MLB's all time leader in career ERA - 1.82. He pitched from 1904-1917.  I think his record is pretty safe.