Monday, August 3, 2015

Welcome to Motown Daniel Norris

Well, the Tigers' front office officially gave up on the 2015 season.  Probably for the best.  Tigers were going nowhere fast and with numerous impeding free agents, it was time to rebuild or "reboot" as GM Dave Dombrowski stated.

One of the prize pieces coming back(part of the David Price) is starting pitcher Daniel Norris.  He has been highly regarded in the Blue Jays system.  I already had a card of Norris as a part of my Lansing Lugnuts collection.  2014 Topps Pro Debut:

The Lugnuts ball club is my local minor league team.  They are currently the low A level affiliate of the Blue Jays.  Lugnuts has been around since 1995 and once a part of the Royals and Cubs'  franchises prior to hooking up with the Blue Jays.

Norris's Tigers debut was Sunday.  He pitched 7 1/3 innings of one run, four hit and five strikeouts in a 6-1 Tigers win.  So far so good on the trade.


  1. I was really hoping that the Padres could snag Norris from the Jays, but the Padres did basically nothing at the deadline. Wish the Padres had rebooted like the Tigers did, I think it was a smart move.

    1. Yeah, I was surprised that the Padres did nothing at the trade deadline. Maybe they believe they are still in it or just hold pat for next year. GMs do have some really tough decisions this time of year. Lot more goes in it than us fans ever know of.
      How is San Diego's farm system? Can't be as bare as the Tigers. Detroit needed an influx of youth for sure

    2. The Padres system is pretty barren. Nobody in the top 100, a pair of corner OF prospects that could play next year (Hunter Renfroe and Rymer Liriano), a starting pitcher that was in the Futures game (Colin Rea), and a leadoff CF that should get a call up soon (Travis Jankowski). I think SD just couldn't get the value they wanted for the guys they were willing to deal, so they didn't move em, but they're spinning it to say that they believe they're still in it.