Saturday, October 3, 2015

Getting High on 2015 Topps Heritage

I bought a hobby box of 2015 Topps Heritage mostly just to get a few key rookie cards.  Let's see how did:

Couple of the Mets future
The only full time switch pitcher.  Topps failed here in my eyes. If they ever going to do a photo variation. Shouldn't Topps do one of him pitching from each side?

a trio of short print rookies.
And the big one I wanted.
As for being a Tiger fan, Nothing really collectable for me in this set: I did manage to pull this one and add it to my collection.  By the way, a friend of mine was at this game:
The biggest want I didn't get out of the box was the Ichiro short print as a Marlin. I like the bazooka inserts but I didn't get one of those either. My auto was a real one redemption of Carlos Rodon. Ugh! redemption .

I am willing to trade many cards from this set including short prints for you all set builders and team collectors (excluding the above of course). Here is the short prints available: #707 Evan Gattis (X2)#709 Jesse Hahn (x2)#715 Dexter Fowler#716 Devon Travis #722 Craig Kimbrel #723 Yovanni Gallardo

plus #715 Fowler chrome #47/999 and #702. J. Upton #693/999

anybody have an extra Ichiro? or something from my wantlist

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