Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Some new Ebay purchases

Here is some cards I recently won on Ebay auctions:

Chico Carrasquel 1951 Bowman rookie.  The first ever Hispanic to make a start in the All Star game. Plus first in a long line of great Venezuelan shortstops in MLB history(could be an upcoming post).

my first rookie of Tigers second ace, Max Scherzer.  The favorite to win the AL Cy Young this year.

and Clayton Kershaw UD Timeline rookie and of course the NL favorite for the award.  I wanted this card of Kershaw because the back of the Timeline cards shows the picture of Dodger Stadium.  For me part of the enjoyment of collecting, is seeing some of baseball history on cards.  Currently, Dodger stadium is the second oldest NL park and many great moments have occurred there.
And I would love to attend a game there one day. Eat a Dodger dog, maybe run into current announcers Vin Scully or Fernando Valenzuela, owner Magic Johnson or season ticket holder Alyssa Milano.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

latest pulls from packs

Sorry for not blogging of late. I am have been busy purchasing packs instead of writing lately. So, I am going to share some highlights of the cards I pulled from packs recently. Here is the some of the  rookie cards:

One of the top young superstars of the game. Not sure what I think of the Panini Hometown Heroes set. I bought 2 packs, not sure if I will purchase more.

Gold parallel rookie of one of the top rookies in National League

Topps Chrome rookie of one the St Louis Cardinals young guns and post season hero

Topps Update rookie of a young Cleveland Indian pitcher who has a bright future.

Topps Archives rookie of one time Tiger prospect. Will be interesting to see who will have the better MLB career among Tiger OF prospects. The one they traded away(Garcia) or the one that they kept (Nick Castellanos)

and an OPC rookie card from a repack package from Target. He is probably my favorite player currently on the Texas Rangers

There you go, some nice crop of young players in the game. I promise I will blog more. I have some posts in the hopper.  Made a trade with a fellow blogger, some Ebay purchases and one from